The Girl Behind the Blog

My name’s Amy and I’m 25 years old. I live with my partner of five years, Matthew, and our fur baby, Eric. I work in social research and volunteer for Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Most of my expendable income is spent on food. I’m passionate about eating, less so about cooking. My Mum is an incredible cook, as was my Dad, before he lived alone and got lazy. I guess I’m a bit of a food snob; I like good quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. That doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally eat a KFC (maybe a bit hypocritical). I like most things; overdone vegetables and offal aren’t my thing, but I could be persuaded otherwise about the offal. All cuisines appeal to me. I’m lucky enough to live in Leeds, which is a foodies paradise. We’ve got some amazing, well-established restaurants and new places seem to be popping up all the time. In my blog, I’ll be offering reviews on the places I’ve been to, and the occasional recipe.