Ladies That Lunch

Rachael and I were ladies that lunch today, soaking up the rays with a glass of Prosecco in Sale centre. Verace Kitchen is a new addition to the Sale food scene and we really enjoyed our visit. This establishment joins Bianco as another authentic Italian cafe, embracing the cafe culture, with good coffee and good pizza. However, at Verace, you get a more extensive menu, including the choice of pastas, salads and some lighter bites. 

 Rachael and I opted for the appetizers board and Prosecco for two at £17.50. We were absolutely bowled over by the fabulous garlic bread – it was quite clear that the quality of ingredients was good and that it had been loving homemade. The tomatoes on the skewers were deliciously sweet, and all the cheese on the board was tasty and of a good quality. We both felt that there was a nice selection. The only thing we found slightly disappointing was the meat selection, which we didn’t feel was of the same quality – it just didn’t taste particularly special; it almost felt like it had been bought in a supermarket and had come out of a pack. It was still enjoyable, but somewhat underwhelming. Similarly, with the olives

Following our appetizer board, we both went for a salad. Rachael had Caesar and I had Sparta. Rachael’s salad was heavy on the dressing, but the ingredients in both were fresh and crisp – the feta in my Sparta was particularly delicious.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Verace, and I think it works as a pleasant addition to Sale centre. Of course, there will be some competition between Bianco and Verace, but each has it’s own unique selling point and I think they complement each other really well. It’s not perfect, but the ingredients are generally good quality and it feels like authentic Italian food. It’s lovely place for people watching on a sunny day.

Verace Kitchen


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