Takeaway Sushi in Sale

You might expect that, given that Leeds has a fabulous food scene, you’d be able to get takeaway sushi delivered to a location 15 minutes from the City Centre – but, alas, it’s yet to happen. However, incredibly, Sale centre now has its very own sushi bar, which opens from lunch until late, and does deliver. This is Oeschi.

I have eaten at Oeschi a couple of times and have been impressed with the quality of the food and size of the portions for the price. Sushi is not cheap, and if it is, it’s probably not worth eating. 

My best friend, Samantha, and I decided to order take away sushi this evening. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t as good as it would be if we had eaten at Oeschi. The sushi had got a bit warm, and the rice had congealed slightly, but nevertheless, it hit the spot.

I am a big fan of salmon when it comes to sushi. Despite the fact it wasn’t as fresh and tasty as it would have been if it we had eaten at the restaurant, it was still good. I had both salmon nigiri and salmon sashimi, and was impressed by the size of the slithers of salmon provided, as well as the meaty, fatty, silky texture of the super fresh fish. I also chose spicy tuna hosomaki, but the tuna was sparse and I didn’t feel that there was a significant difference between this and the normal tuna hosomaki – Samantha ordered the non-spicy version and the only difference appeared to be a slightly spiced powder. Although I don’t rate Yo! Sushi particularly highly (I’d say it’s consistent, tasty, fairly good value, but not particularly authentic or good quality), the spicy tuna mini rolls at Yo! do have more flavour. I also ordered the seabass sashimi, which was good quality and had a nice flavour, but I’m not convinced that seabass is a particularly pleasant sushi component. We also shared some chicken gyoza, which were hot and tasty, with plenty of garlic, which I couldn’t fault. There was plenty of soya sauce and pickled ginger served with the sushi, which was good.

The total cost was around £36, including delivery, for around 8 dishes. I’d definitely recommend Oeschi to others. 


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